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Why You Need Your Own Space

Stress can really impact your health, mental and physical. Thus, finding a way to improve that is to learn to manage your stress, and in order to do that, you need to have your own space. Here is how creating a place that you can call your own, or that speaks to you like no other space in your house does help:

Why You Need Your Own Space

Having your own space helps you find peace, and cope with stress. Often life gets crazy. We are constantly inundated with the needs and wants and stresses of everyone around us. Having a space that is yours, where it is your favorite colors, favorite music, favorite lounge chair, food, etc. allows you to leave the stress of life behind for just a few moments and focus inward, to find your inner peace, and help yourself to manage the stresses in your life.

It is like going to your literal happy place, or in other words, the place you can be you, and no one else is allowed to intrude on that.

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Everyone needs a quiet place to relax or think from time to time. One of the biggest reasons your own space is necessary for de-stressing is because it is a place you can think. Meditation, or thinking, or even the absence of thinking, is part of mental health, and managing stress. It is really hard to think clearly when you are in a car full of kids, or at a party, etc.

Having your own space allows you to have a dedicated location that is perfect for relaxing and having an enjoyable time, or a quiet time to think, ponder, make decisions, or just not do anything at all.

It is a place where your imagination can run free, and you are in complete control. It is YOUR space, that is the whole point, and thus it is a great thing to have for managing stress because you get to be you and do your thing when you are there.

You can read your trashy romance novel, play your dorky computer game, paint your toenails, create art, write poetry, design plans for your future home, or whatever you feel like doing. It is your place to give your mind a mental break, and the freedom to be creative and imaginative, and fun.

Create a place where you can go and decide what you feel, hear, smell, look at, etc. This is huge when it comes to managing stress. It does not have to be a large space, it can be a closet, or a room, or even a corner of a room. The point is, pick the color, pick the mood, pick the scented candles, or lack of them, set your “you space” playlist on your iPod, etc. Do what it takes to make it yours, and then enjoy the freedom and stress-free.

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