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Why Owning a Cat Is More Challenging Than Any Other Pet?

These days, people crave good company, and the perfect companion is the one with four feet. The joy of sharing moments with a pet is truly boundless. Doesn’t your mood light up after watching cat videos online?

These are little bundles of joy, helping your cheer up during the rough and tough days. However, being a pet parent, especially of cats, is not a walk in the park. Even though cats are low maintenance, there are grains of truth to these claims.

We adorn these little creatures when they rub against our legs or look in the eyes and purr. On the other hand, no one can tolerate cats streaking through the house at 3 in the morning or rejecting a new litter box.

Cats are more or less like humans, which means they need a ton of time, energy, space, and money. They need special attention and have particular issues that are not readily manageable.

If you are thinking of taking the challenge of parenthood, be smart about it. Educate yourself on the rugged and overwhelming aspects of owning a cat to determine if you are ready for this responsibility.

Here we are putting forward some reasons why owning a cat is more challenging than any other pet.

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  1. Litter Box Issues

Unsurprisingly, this is more like a universal problem since every cat owner complains of litter box issues. It is incredibly frustrating when a kitten decides that the litter box is off-limits.

You can take your cat to the vet to check bladder stones, urinary tract, and other reasons why he/she is avoiding the litter box. Sometimes, the issue is with the litter box, not the cat.

Rather than frustrating about the cat litter natural process, you may find an easy fix for the long-term.

Likewise, try different litter boxes as some cats prefer covered boxes while others are comfortable with open ones.

Cats are naturally clean animals, and the last thing they want is to step over their waste. And as a parent, you hold the bag for cleaning their mess.

  1. Playtime is a Must!

Do you have a busy work life? Cats can feel lonely if you are not around since they are not self-sufficient. They need a company 24/7 and someone who can play with them.

Hence, you have to spare some time from your hectic schedule and entertain the kitty.

You can test-drive new toys and make them feel loved with old-fashioned attention and care. However, if you have to leave your cat alone at home for long hours, invest in kitty gadgets to keep them busy and active.

  1. Raising Cats is Expensive

People spend a lot of time planning for kids because it is expensive to raise them. Surprisingly enough, preparing for a cat is no different. Even though they don’t need college funds, you have set money aside for this family member.

They have annual veterinary appointments, monthly vaccinations, spay surgery, and never-ending food expenses. You have to spend on cat litter, toys, healthcare, bed, grooming tools, etc.

Alongside this, stay prepared for unexpected veterinary expenses since emergencies happen, and they are always pricey.

  1. Cats Need Grooming

Most cats naturally lean towards a clean and tidy lifestyle, but they can’t manage it themselves. Thus, they need grooming from your end.

Whether your cat has short hairs or long, you have to brush them regularly with special fur brushes, making them look fresh.

Similarly, get a lint roller to remove all the furs from furniture and floor since they can cause infections. You have to also bath them twice or thrice a week with lukewarm water. Use a hairdryer to dry their hair, or else, cats can fall sick due to the cold weather.

  1. Cats Love Scratching

You might think that cats are scratching the couch and curtains to annoy you, but it is not valid. Cats try to mark their territory by leaving scratches in different places. If you don’t want to settle for raggedy furniture, consider preventing these scratches.

Since you can’t scold or scream at the cat, buy them separate scratch posts, dab some catnip to lure cats. They can smell the catnip instantly, making their way to the scratch posts.

If nothing seems to work, trim your kitty’s claws, but only if you know how to do it. Ask the veterinarian or learn it through a YouTube tutorial.

  1. Aggressive Nature

Every human feels the emotion of joy, sadness, and anger. Cats are no different, meaning they get super aggressive for multiple reasons.

It can happen due to a lack of socialization, illness, or overcrowding. You will have to consult a vet to identify the causes of a bad temper.

If your home is full of clutter, keep the peace by placing enough litter, food, and water bowls around the corner. Usually, males are more prone to aggression, and the only solution is to spay or neuter the cat.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are raising a newborn or a pet – parenting is never easy. These tiny creatures are solely dependent on your love and attention. You have to look, feed, clean, look after, and play with them 24/7.

Therefore, if you were thinking of getting a pet for entertainment or company, reconsider your decision. Having a pet is like adopting a baby, so make sure you are ready for it.

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