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What Your Kitchen Counters Say about You

Walking into a person’s house will tell you a lot about themselves. How clean is it? What style is it?

One of the primary rooms that mirror a person’s personality and values is their kitchen. So what are the different types of kitchen counter arrangements and what do they tell you about the owner?

Keep reading to find out.

Empty Counters

Your beautiful and spotless countertops and home are a result of your relentless organization. You have a specific place for everything and the word “messy” simply isn’t uttered in your house.

On top of that, you value how things look over functionality, and when your kitchen looks this great, why wouldn’t the rest of your house?

If you’re looking to make the most out of empty counters and want to make your kitchen look great, you may want to consider upgrading your kitchen countertops options.


While plants look great on kitchen countertops, especially if your plant is flooded with light during the day. That being said, it does say that you don’t really cook either.

That might make some people judge you a bit and head to the fridge to see if you have boxes upon boxes of carry-out dinners.


Chances are good that you have kids. But if you don’t, candy on your kitchen countertops can look pretty childish! This does not necessarily mean, however, that you’re actually immature.

In fact, you’re likely quite hardworking and head to the candy jar when you’re in need of a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day.


Why cover your kitchen countertop with food when you can cover it with fantastic bottles of spirits and some classy cups and mixers.

Not only does barware look fantastic, but it also lets guests know that you’re all about socializing and having fun. When your friends think of having a great time, they all think of you!

Fresh Fruit

You’re healthy, you’re fit and you’re often on the go. Grabbing an apple, orange or banana right off the counter as you head out the door for your next spin class is a way of life. It’s also a great way to make your kitchen pop with color and vibrancy.

Heirlooms and Collections

You’re incredibly sentimental and you love your family and friends. Since everything you own has a special little place in your heart, you love to put those things on display.

What a better place than one of the most important rooms in your home? While some collectibles can look great on your kitchen windowsill, be clear not to move over into the cluttered side.


Tons of pots and pans and stacks and stacks of cookbooks? Oh yeah, you’re a home chef for sure! You love cooking and you love inviting your family and friends over to cook for them.

This likely means that you are not only creative and willing to take risks but also highly organized and determined. It’s a good way to be!

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