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Vastu Tips and Remedies for Health and Vitality

Vastu Shastra is a Vedic science that brings harmony by attracting positive energy. Use these vastu tips and remedies to bring good health and eliminate the disease. 

Vastu Shastra originated in India and is the ancient science of designing a property to bring harmony and balance. Vastu deals with the influences of the directions and five elements and demonstrates how to balance the energies to bring benefits relating to wealth, health and spirituality. Read Origin of Vastu with Easy Tips & Remedies for an introduction to the basic philosophy of Vastu.

Vastu and Disease

The northeast is an important direction for health and defects can influence the inhabitants physical, mental and emotional health. The findings of scientist A.R. Hari show that when a severe northeast defect combine with a negative aspect in another direction the resulting disturbed bio-energy fields give rise to various types of cancer.

Hari investigated extensively into plots with defects and concluded that the defective uncontrolled energies of the bio-fields were chaotic in the way cancer attacks the body.

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The Effects of Poor Vastu on Health

Vastu can have a detrimental effect on health when certain defects occur in certain directions. Some of the illnesses that are believed be affected by defects in applicable directions are:

  1. Northwest – respiratory disorders, bladder and psychosomatic illnesses
  2. North – cancer, diabetes, gall-stones and skin problems
  3. Northeast – eye diseases, anemia, and body fat problems
  4. West – arthritis, rheumatism, and depression
  5. East – heart disease, eye problems, and circulatory disorders
  6. Southwest – bone disease, foot and teeth problems
  7. South – flu, infections, colds, measles, mumps and allergies
  8. Southeast – eye infections, swellings, skin diseases, and kidney failure

General Vastu Tips for Increased Health

A house with a history of fatal diseases can be cleared of residual energy with a Vast-puja ceremony performed by a Vasati consultant. Yantras can be placed in the home to invite positive and healing energies. Correctly placed Yantras can neutralize negative energy and even replace the missing positive energies. Yantras relating to health includes the Sun/Ramachandra Vasati Yantra (hung in the east to bring good health and spiritual progress).

Declutter the house paying attention to the northeast and center of the home to avoid increased negative energy.

According to Vastu space in a house is likened to a being with consciousness and life energy. It is advised to check each area of the home (particularly the north and northeast) for defects and then correct them to attract not only health but also wealth and prosperity. Read Vastu and Wealth Tips and Remedies for more information.


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