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A User Guide to Super King Duvet Covers

A King size duvet cannot be overlooked when it comes to making a comfortable and fluffy super king bedding. It adds an incredible softness to the bed bringing more comfort and warmth to it.

They provide one with the perfect cosy environment for sleeping during the winter as well. The only drawback of having them is their colour scheme.

Usually, super king duvets come in white colour only which is likely to create a constant look making one feel boring and dull with a constant look.

At this point, a super king duvet covers of UK is the best go-to choice. It is a bag that can either be flat or filled with some padding materials having an opening end. It is used to cover the duvets the way pillow covers cover the pillows.

Duvet covers will not only help you get rid of a constant look but also adjust the temperature according to your need. They’ll also protect your duvets from normal wear and tear and also keep it clean and tidy at the same time.

Just like others, a super king duvet cover is made of various fabric materials having different colours and patterns. Some fabrics are simply sewn to make a big flat bag which is lightweight and used in the summer.

Usually, cotton, linen, and Egyptian cotton are used for summer covers as they allow more air circulation and increase breathability. They also help the warm sleepers sleep without sweating and hot shocks.

On the contrary, some covers are padded with the insulating materials which add more to the weight and thermal insulation of the duvets. They make an individual feel warm and cosy sleeping under them.

Such covers are useful for winter use or for cold sleepers. The standard size of a super king duvet cover is 260 cm × 220 cm or 102 inches × 86 inches.

How to Put on a Super King Duvet Cover?

To the immense size toppers, putting on a cover on them seems quite a tiring task. It becomes overwhelming and confusing too when you do not know how to put it on.

Following is a handy guide to help you dress up the duvets easily anytime you want.

  • Spread the duvet uniformly over the bed. Now turn the covers inside out and lay it on the top of the duvet.
  • Put the arms from the opening size inside the cover and grab the two corners parallel to the opening end.
  • Hold the corners tightly and shake the duvet well until the cover adjusts down over the topper. Once it’s done, fasten the opening ends.

To prevent the toppers from sliding inside the covers, use small ties, buttons, and safety pins to hold the corners in the place.

Some covers come with the small ties, button or hooks sewn inside each corner. These are used to fasten the toppers to cover corners to prevent their movement inside the cover.

Care Tips to Last the Super King Duvet Covers Longer

  • The first and most important tip is to shake the duvets well each morning and hand press the cover to remove the wrinkle before folding them.
  • Wash the covers every 5 to 7 days to keep the smell fresh and look tidy. Wash the covers according to the washing instructions labelled on their packing.

If the packing doesn’t say anything about it, hand wash the covers using a mild detergent and dry using a quick and gently drying cycle.

Take them out, shake well, and hang in the air to dry (avoid drying under the sun).

It is advised to avoid using bleaching agents and other chemicals to retain the softness and prevent discolouration. Also, wash the dark-coloured covers separately to avoid the colour diffusion.

  • Iron them if needed before using for an extra crisp look.

Benefits of Using Duvet Covers

Create an Aesthetic Appeal

As stated above duvets come in white and neutral colours only which is likely to create a constant look. Whereas the covers come in all colours, prints, and fabric materials allowing one to personalize the topper according to his/her taste.

They are cost-effective so one can but various covers at a time to match them with his/her bedding sets.

The diversity of covers designs and colours will bring a magnificent change in the appearance of bed as well as the mood of the user. So get your bed styled by assembling them with beautiful and vibrant coloured covers.

Protect the Duvets

Duvets are becoming expensive day by day so buying them frequently can hurt one’s wallet.

Whereas the covers are a worthy investment they are budget-friendly and cover the toppers surrounding them from all sides preventing them from dust, dirt, mites, and germ setting.

This not only keeps the toppers neat and tidy but also eliminates the need for washing them.

It retains their texture, strengthens the fibres, and prevents the padding materials from escaping which consequently increase the lifetime of the toppers.

Temperature Adjustment

Everyone has different sleeping habits and personal preferences which greatly influence the choice of topper. But it’s not convenient to buy multiple toppers for varying seasons to create the desired sleeping environment.

Where topper covers are a great way to adjust the temperature according to your needs. For instance, cotton and linen fabric covers will cool you down and prevent sweating.

On the contrary, flannel or Jersey fabrics provide warmth and add more thermal insulation increasing the warmth of the topper resultantly. This conserves the expanses as well and saves you money.

Easy Maintenance

Toppers are heavy and thick and often need dry cleaning which can increase the expenses in the long run. Covering them with a fabric bag facilitates washing and reducing the maintenance cost.

Usually, the covers are lightweight and support domestic washing. They reduce the monthly expenses and save you the money that you will likely be spending on the dry cleaning of the toppers.

This feature becomes more prominent especially when you’ve pets and kids. You can also buy duvet covers set from Oxford Home Ware online store of UK.

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