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Featured image - 5 Eye-Tricking Tips for Making Small Rooms Seem Big
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5 Eye-Tricking Tips for Making Small Rooms Seem Big

The main disadvantage of small spaces is that they can be a bit confining. However, with certain interior designs, you can fool the eye and make these rooms appear bigger than they actually are.

Re-arranging your furniture, lighting up your indoors and decluttering are some of the tips that we will discuss in this article.

Expert commercial interior designers use the following 5 tricks to fool the eye and make rooms look bigger than what they actually are.

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  1. Stick to Lighter Colours

image  - Stick to Lighter Colours

In the interior décor industry, lighter colours have and continue to be used to make rooms look bigger.

Their reflective characteristic opens up the walls of your home and maximizes the effects of natural light from windows.

Compared to darker colours which absorb light, lighter colours are the best option for smaller rooms. Good examples include white, green and blue.

  1. Light up Your Space

image - Light up Your Space

Letting natural light flow inside your small rooms is an excellent way to make your room look bigger.

During the day, you should make sure all windows are opened and sheer window coverings are pulled back completely, to let light in.

Alternatively, if natural light is insufficient, you can always use artificial light. The advantage of lighting up your space is that it connects the room to the outdoors.

As a result, the room will no longer feel squeezed.

  1. Declutter

If clutter can make a big room feel stuffy, you can only imagine what it can do to small spaces. Other than making your room look bigger, decluttering ensures ease of movement.

Always keep the room organized and tidy by removing things you no longer use or need.

If you have lined up lots of paintings on your walls, consider replacing it with one big painting. This will make the room look more organized.

The decorations should also be limited and directed to one focal point such as the table area. Too many decorations will use up much of your space.

  1. Mirrors Give an Illusion of Depth

image - Mirrors Give an Illusion of Depth

Mirrors on the walls can do wonders for small spaces. The mirrors create an illusion of depth when angled to a particular focal point.

An advantage of using mirrors is that they make a room look bigger both during the day and at night. The reason behind this is that mirrors reflect natural as well as artificial light.

To improve the effectiveness of mirrors during the day, place the mirrors near windows so that they can reflect the light from outside.

  1. Be Choosy with Your Furniture

There is no doubt that furniture consumes a lot of space. You should, therefore, be very choosy about the furniture you have in your house.

Multi-functional furniture saves a lot of space. Examples of such include folding tables, expandable dining tables, bunk beds, and sofa beds.

Once you have the right type of furniture, you will need to arrange it appropriately. To maximize space, place larger furniture on the longer side of the wall.

This will create the illusion of a bigger space. Avoid putting furniture on pathways or corridors because this will hinder movement.

Avoid tall furniture because it will make your ceiling look shorter. Don’t crowd the furniture in one place.

And, instead of wooden tables that might block views of the floor or carpet, choose those made of see-through glass.

image - Be Choosy with Your Furniture

With these tips, you can make a small room look bigger. The main ideas you should have in mind are to declutter, paint bright colours on walls, space up your furniture, install lots of mirrors and finally let the light in.

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