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How to Taking Care of Aging Parents, Letting Them Know They are Valued

The worst thing any human being can get is a feeling that you are unwanted. As we grow older our senses dim and our strength weakens.

The greatest act of love you can provide someone old, is being there and spending time to make the person be aware that he/she is loved.

The Value of Senior Care

The U.S Census Bureau reports that the population of seniors in the world above the age of 65, is 483 million in this year and growing. It will skyrocket to 974 million by the year 2030.

In a world where the worth of money is dwindling and the care for others is eroding, the senior population faces challenges greater than the past years.

There was a time when parents commanded the respect of their children until the end. Now roles have shifted. Sons and daughters make crucial decisions that affect the wellness and financial aspects of the parents.

Seniors around the world are struggling with unforeseen hurdles. Most often they find themselves at the mercy of their sons and daughters. Sometimes they totally depend on neighbors and care givers.

All humans have to face the issue of how to taking care of aging parents and how to help aging parents. Family life does not come with any manuals on how to treat the other family members. Sometimes moral responsibility has to take a back seat, while coping with other pressing problems that one faces.

When you learn the joy of having a child, you realize the worth of your mother and father. When your children grow up and start talking back and putting you in your place, you regret those unnecessary things that you spoke to your parents.

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Issues Aging Parents Face

When you become wiser in your old age, you realize that you should have been nicer to your parents and to your children. Life is a cycle and the wisdom you gain is always in hindsight. The most precious treasure you have is the love of others. You receive love, only when you give.

Life has a way of showing that in old age, if you are nice, your children treat you nicer. If you are loved, even if you are arrogant and stubborn, remember that it is just by God’s grace.

If you respect your child, he/she will honor you, until your senescence (your process of aging) ends at death. Senescence makes people weaker physically, but the mental capabilities stay sharp to some people, to a very late stage.

Taking Care of Aging Parents: How You Can Help

How to taking care of aging parents? The senior care issue has taken center stage among the priorities of world governments. What can individuals do?

image - How to Taking Care of Aging Parents
How to Taking Care of Aging Parents
  1. Health and Wellness

In a world where everyone is struggling with family responsibilities and finances, taking care of aging parents becomes an issue in many families. It should not be an issue.

It should be your duty to see to it that your aging parents are getting the best possible care that you can afford. Seeing their children happy, is the best thing parents need.

Be nice to them in words and deeds. If the parents are looked after, your children see your example and they learn great lessons of life. Make sure your parents, wherever they are, stay healthy and well.

  1. Loneliness

The only gift that is precious for old people, is the time you spent with them. Take time to sit and listen to them. Sometimes, you just need to sit near them. It will equate as treatment for their sicknesses.

They just need to see someone actually caring for them. A lot of seniors walk around aimless in crowds. No one actually stops to talk to them.

Even inside their house, they will find themselves lost and alone. Realize the limitations of aging and lend a hand to the seniors who are suffering from loneliness.

  1. Handling of Finances

The most money you will need is in your old age. If you do not have money, your suffering will be greater. Therefore save for your future and when parents need care, spend for them. It is your duty. It is part of your daily expenses.

You cannot disregard your responsibility. If they give you a hard time saying that others will look after them better, do give them the option of staying with others. When it comes down to it, relatives will understand.

Be firm with seniors. Keep them in on all the expenses and the struggle you may have. Sometimes seniors take it for granted that you may have lots of money.

  1. Housing Issues

How to taking care of aging parents? “Give care for elders at home, unless they like senior’s homes. Elders find it emotionally difficult to do a transfer of residence in their old age. Never remove them from their room they are used to. Give them the dignity of having what is rightfully theirs.

If your old parents show partiality to others, grin and bear. There is great blessings attached to forgiveness and caring for the ones who cared for you once. Walk away from arguments.

Seniors have a lot of time on their hands and you do not want to waste your precious time arguing for something that they do not place value as you do.

  1. Shortage of Caregivers

Finding a good caregiver is a challenge. You may have to apologize, to the one you got to care for your parents, if your parents are rude to them. Seniors do not want to see others taking the place of their children. When you understand that fact, a lot of issues with caregivers will be solved.

  1. Senior Neglect

Neglecting seniors is as cruel as abandoning babies. Value the life that gave you live. Be prepared to hear a lot of complaints and crying. Just as we treat babies, try to find reasons for their sadness. We do not take and leave babies in care facilities.

Likewise, seniors should be cared for within our households. If they act difficult, sit with them and try to do something that they like. Read to them and share stories. Include them in all decision making. You will be surprised, how valuable their advice can be, even if they were not successful in life. They have learned from their experiences.

  1. Wealth of Seniors

The young generation does not know the invaluable blessings that the presence of a senior can bring to a household. They can contribute greatly to the running of the house, influencing youngsters by guiding them in ways only an experienced hand can do. Children who respect grandparents grow up to be responsible citizens, who contribute well to society.

Therefore it is for the best interest of humanity that seniors should be cared for, to shape future societies. Learn from the past and we will be able to shape the future of our societies.

Instead of a degenerating society of creating old age homes, let us build a society with the help of the senior population, who are survivors of the storms of life. They may be able to show the following generations, the priorities in life and by learning from them, maybe we can avoid costly mistakes we make, individually and collectively.

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