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New Easy to Hang Wallpaper, The Fast and Simply Way to Add a Wall Covering to your Home

Wallpaper is no longer the nightmare to hang and remove that it once was. Learn how to quickly and easily apply new wall coverings.

Believe it or not, wallpaper is back in style and it’s cropping up with a vengeance. Forget the painted accent wall, now it’s all about vivid and bold patterned wallpaper.

In fact, some designers are not even using enough wallpaper to do an entire room or an entire wall, they’re adding strips of paper, almost like wide patterned stripes with equally wide open space.

For anyone who’s had experience with older wallpaper, you know that hanging wallpaper and removing wallpaper can be a complete nightmare. But the new stuff is actually a designer’s dream. Use the following guide to help you apply your new wall covering with ease.

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Prepasted Wallpaper

Prepasted wallpaper is really sturdy and the glue is already applied to the paper and dried. So no more struggling with pots of paste and lumps of glue. All you need to apply prepasted wallpaper is warm water and a large sponge.

Simply lay out your wallpaper, having carefully measured it beforehand, and then activate the paste with the sponge soaked in water. Make sure the sponge isn’t too wet as you’ll wash off the paste.

Dry Wallpaper

Rather than painting paste onto the wallpaper and learning the correct folding method, simply apply the paste to the wall using a painting roller and a short nap roller.

Apply the paste to an area that is slightly wider than the wallpaper and go from ceiling to floor (if you’re doing this entire area). Work only one strip at a time as they paste may dry if you get too carried away.

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

This stuff is fabulous and easy to use. Self-adhesive wallpaper is very similar to using self-adhesive contact paper, so if you’ve ever used this product you get the gist of the wallpaper application.

The problem is this paper can easily stick to itself, so peel off only about six inches to a foot at the top and begin smoothing it onto the wall. Then slowly peel and work down the wall, you’ll get the best results this way.

But the great part is this paper can be pulled off and reapplied if you don’t get it quite right the first time. If you have unused pieces save them to decorate accessories or repair wallpaper damage that may occur in the future.

The new modern types of wall coverings are really wonderful and you no longer need to be afraid to apply it yourself or worry that you’ll now be stuck with it forever or have to paint over the wallpaper.

But before you wallpaper, no matter what the technique, make sure you’ve properly prepared the wall by adding a coat of sizing or wallpaper basecoat. If you are unsure of what product to use, as your local paint professional. These primers are specifically designed to hold wallpaper and then release it when you’re ready for a new look.

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