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Ten Essential Laundry Tips for College Freshmen

Going away to college is a big change for many young people. Although it’s exciting, there are some new responsibilities that come into play when you leave the nest. One very common responsibility for students is laundry.

Some of the reasons why most students have difficulties with laundry are because they either don’t like to do it so they put it off until it becomes overwhelming, they don’t know how, or they simply just don’t have the time.

For some of us, laundry was something that we never had to do until we went away to college. While living at home, it was easy to let someone else, rather it was a parent, sibling, relative or friend perform those not so popular duties for us.

Now that college is a new experience, laundry is generally the last thing that comes to mind. After attending classes all week, most students want to relax on the weekend and have fun with their friends so who has time for laundry right? Well, fitting time into your schedule for laundry is not as hard as it seems.

The latter statement also applies to those who dread laundry because they don’t know how to do it. Laundry can be made easy with these ten essential steps.

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  1. Wash During Non-peak Hours

This is recommended for students who live in traditional dorms. Usually, a traditional dorm consists of a small laundry facility to accommodate over 200 students. If you wash late at night or during the week as opposed to Sundays or in the midst of the day, it might be easier to get it done quickly.

  1. Use Off-campus Laundromats if Necessary

Although on-campus laundry facilities are cheaper than public laundromats, sometimes no matter what time of day, all the machines may be in use with other students standing around waiting to wash. This is unlikely, but if it happens, you could wait and wash another time or use a public laundromat. The advantage to a public laundromat is that they have larger facilities and clothing seems to dry faster with the large size industrial dryers.

  1. Save Plenty of Quarters Throughout the Week for Washing

It is helpful to already have change available to do laundry because it could be easier to put it off if the change is not readily available. In addition, if there is a change machine near the laundry room, don’t rely on it to have changed or worked effectively.

  1. Never Leave Clothes Unattended

Some students may find it easier to place their clothes into the machines and come back later. However, if this method is followed, it is likely that your clothes won’t be there upon your return. Also, unattended clothing can get removed from the machines by other students and placed aside especially if there is a lack of availability.

  1. Bring Something to Do While You Wait

Since it is highly recommended not to leave clothes unattended while washing, having something else to do to keep occupied while waiting helps reduce boredom.

  1. Wash Once a Week if Possible

Students should try to bring enough clothing with them when going away to college. This way, they don’t have to worry about washing more than once a week just to have something presentable to wear.

  1. Be Sure to Separate Colors

This step is essential because if it is not followed, dark-colored clothing will bleed and ruin light-colored clothing.

  1. Remember to Change the Water Temperature

All white clothes should be washed in hot water and you can add bleach if desired. Clothing with color should generally be washed in warm water, however, be sure to read the tag for washing directions because it varies.

  1. Don’t Overload the Dryer

Overloading can result in overspending because clothes simply will not dry quickly if the dryer is too full.

  1. For Large Loads of Laundry, Get a Sizeable Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is helpful for students who live in traditional dorms, depending on the college; because often the laundry rooms are centrally located that means a lot of walking may take place. If a large bag is handy, it will prevent extra visits to the laundry room to bring clothes that couldn’t be carried in one trip.

These 10 easy laundry tips for college freshmen mentioned are from personal experience and they are not exclusive. Students should try different methods and stick with what works best for them and their current situations.

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