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Protecting Your Skin from Dark Spots

Dealing with dark spots, which are the result of hyperpigmentation, is an even bigger concern today than it was a couple decades ago. Now we understand that the discoloration of the skin isn’t just a beauty problem, but it is an indication of damaged skin or hormonal changes in our bodies.

When skin is exposed to harmful UV rays it produces more melanin, in the form of a dark blotch, to try and protect your skin from further damage.

How to Prevent Dark Spots - Protecting Your Skin from Dark Spots
Protecting Your Skin from Dark Spots, How to Prevent Dark Spots

In the same way, women who already have darker skin produce extra melanin, in a process known as hyperpigmentation, because of what is believed to be a response to inflammation triggers. For the same reason, hormonal changes can cause an increase in dark spots that form on your skin.

How to Prevent Dark Spots, Protecting Your Skin from Dark Spots

If you already have dark spots on your skin and want to treat or reduce their appearance, there are several simple solutions you can try.

Additionally, there are many things you can do to prevent more skin discolorations from appearing or avoid getting any dark spots at all. I have used all of these solutions myself and reduced the appearance of, and even eliminated, several dark facial blotches on my medium skin tone color.

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Protect and Prevent With Sunscreen

Using sunscreen makes a huge difference in the number and degree of dark spots you will see on your skin in the future. Still, so many women skip applying sunscreen on a daily basis and it can not be made any easier to do. Already, hundreds of beauty and skin care products are made with the ingredient added to them, so if you are not going to apply a stand-alone sunblock, opt for face and body cream that has SPF in it.

Doing so prevents the increase in melanin production which will deposit itself in your skin and appear as a pigment discoloration. This is true for women of every skin color, regardless of hormonal changes, or the absence of.

Prevent and Protect With Sunscreen
Prevent and Protect With Sunscreen

Avoid Polishing Skin Scrubs

Skin scrubs that are meant to exfoliate and polish have many benefits, but these perks may actually cause you to develop dark blotches if you have dark skin that is already overproducing melanin. Dark skin produces melanin when irritated to the point of inflammation, so gritty, skin polishing scrubs should be avoided.

Instead, choose skin scrubs that are gentler and not as rough, and those that use small sized skin polishes such as sugar or microbeads over chunks of salt and large amounts of sand. Also, avoid vigorous scrubbing of the polishes or just opt for an entirely smooth and creamy polish.

Switch to Soy-Based Products

Soy has been shown to have a suppressing effect on hyperpigmentation, and when used daily the difference becomes very visible. Skin and face creams that use soy extract or soy milk are plentiful, but you need to make sure that it is one of the main ingredients.

This solution is especially helpful if you have been out in the sun and did not apply properly or already notice damaged skin, or if you have dark skin that has become inflamed for any reason.

Apply Skin Lighteners or Try Microdermabrasion

For women that are dealing with very large dark spots that are continually increasing in size, or if your hyperpigmentation is a cause of hormonal changes, skin lighteners, and even microdermabrasion can help. Hydroquinone has been recommended to women for years when they have skin that is blotched with hyperpigmentation, and now there are several products from many well-known brands that use the ingredient.

Look for those products that use at least two percent hydroquinone which is enough to lighten the spots on your face without having to worry about over applying. More serious cases may benefit from a microdermabrasion treatment which can be performed monthly and are now sold in over the counter installments.

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