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How to Make Your House More Attractive to Your Target Buyers

Many homeowners wonder how they can improve their chances of selling their property quickly because of the competitive real estate market. If you finally decide to list your home, there are a few things that you should do so you can make it stand out from all the other homes for sale.

How to Make Your House More Attractive to Your Target Buyers

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Pay Attention to the Little Things

If you’ve been living in the house for a long time, there may be some issues that need immediate attention.

Carefully examine every part of the house and take note of the damages.

For example, you may need to replace the doorknob in one of the bedrooms. Perhaps you also need to fix the grout in the bathroom. The more work you put into fixing the small issues in your house, the more likely you can sell it.

When you walk around the house, you should think like a home buyer. Identify the key issues that a buyer can easily spot. Then, work on the issues one by one. The more issues you get to fix the better.

Say No to a Cluttered Home

Got a house full of your collections and other personal stuff? This is a big letdown for a lot of buyers.

You must declutter your home at least a week before the scheduled open house.

Here are some valuable things you should remember when you declutter:

  • Keep it clean and tidy in the kitchen by getting rid of empty condiment bottles and food containers.
  • Check the garden shed, garage and other storage spaces. Throw away materials that don’t add functionality to space.
  • Remove unnecessary decors in the living room. Try to focus on accessories that will best accentuate the assets of the house.
  • Discard furnishings, fixtures or other materials that obstruct the walkway.
  • Remove personal touches such as concert posters, kid’s artworks, and framed family photos.

Install Open Shelves in the Kitchen

A lot of modern homes today maximize the use of open shelves in the kitchen. Open shelves work nicely for homeowners who want to display their prized kitchen sets and Chinaware.

If you have a free space in the kitchen, might as well install an open shelf. You can place a few kitchen decors on the shelves for staging purposes.

Create an Attractive Kitchen Space

Apart from offering more storage options to the future homeowners, you can also throw in a couple of other kitchen upgrades.

First of all, you should start working on the kitchen island. Many homebuyers today take into consideration the size of the kitchen island. It should be big enough to accommodate all sorts of cooking-related activities.

Second, you must check the lighting and ventilation. No one wants to prepare meals in a gloomy and dark kitchen.

Finally, consider repainting the cabinets and kitchen wall. Choose bright and happy colors as much as possible.

Real estate experts also share other highly useful tips to keep your kitchen clean and tidy on the open house:

  • Don’t deep fry the night before the scheduled open house.
  • Some buyers are quite nosy, so see to it that you clean your refrigerator. Discard foul-smelling items and leftovers.
  • Double check the kitchen floor for crumbs and spills. Everything should be spotlessly clean.
  • Wipe your stainless steel appliances. These should look shiny and impressive.

Work on Your Outdoor Space

There are various ways you can upgrade your outdoor space without blowing your budget.

Work on Your Outdoor Space
Work on Your Outdoor Space

Here are awesome ways you can improve your garden, yard or patio:

  • If you have a small garden, try to add a few pieces of outdoor furniture to create a cozy hangout area.
  • Turn your patio into an outdoor lounge. Add a few chairs, a small table and even some colorful pieces of textile.
  • Create a vertical garden using recycled plastic containers or wall pockets. You can use herbs, veggies or ornamental plants.

Install Better Lighting Fixtures

Well-lit homes are highly saleable, so if you have defective or old and creepy looking lighting fixtures, consider updating them a few days before you let the buyers check your place.

When you buy lighting fixtures replacement, pay attention to the overall motif and design of your home.

Below are other essential things to consider when you shop for new lighting fixtures:

  • If you have a spacious living room, consider using a big floor ramp.
  • Create a more dramatic effect on large doors and entryways by installing a pendant light.
  • Make your living room or dining area more elegant by adding a crystal chandelier.
  • You can multiple types of fixtures as long as you carefully plan where to install them.
How to Make Your House More Attractive to Your Target Buyers
How to Make Your House More Attractive to Your Target Buyers

Selling one’s house is quite a challenging task for most people because of the volatile market and the high number of listed properties in the market today. Get the best deal fast by following the home improvement ideas we shared above.

Which tip is your favorite? Try to work on your home revamp project a few weeks before you start welcoming buyers. Happy selling!

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