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Natural Ways to Build Bone Strength

Treating, Reversing and Preventing Osteoporosis Naturally — How to increase bone strength naturally, can be an effective way to prevent osteoporosis and other bone problems and can even treat bone loss already in progress.

How to Increase Bone Strength Naturally

Numerous studies have shown that the damage caused by osteoporosis can be eased, and sometimes even reversed, through diet and exercise. People who want to protect their bones but don’t want to take expensive drugs now have plenty of natural options.

What to Eat to Increase Bone Strength – Dietary Calcium and Vitamins for Bone Strength

Almost everyone knows that dietary calcium protects and builds bones, but many people are still unsure of exactly how much calcium in the diet is useful.

According to the National Institutes of Health, different ranges of calcium are recommended for different ages.

For men and women between 19-50 years old, the recommended daily dose of calcium is 1000 mg. Teens, preteens and older people need more (1200-1300 mg per day), while children need less. Popular foods containing calcium include yogurt (250-415 mg calcium in 8 oz), tofu (200 mg in ½ cup) and spinach (120 mg in a ½ cup.)

Foods that normally don’t have calcium are sometimes fortified with it. These can include orange juice, cereal products, and soy milk.

Beyond calcium, there are other foods that help protect bones naturally. Vitamin D helps by boosting the activity of calcium. and potassium citrate supplements have been shown to prevent bone loss. Omega-3 fats, found in salmon, nuts, and flax also help increase bone strength naturally and should all be part of a bone-building diet.

Other supplements shown to have bone-protecting properties are strontium citrate and genistein (found in the prescription medical food Fosteum.) And yet another study indicated that a single baby aspirin each day can also help prevent bone breakdown.

Using Weight Bearing Exercise to Build and Heal Bones

Calcium may get all the press for protecting bone density, but recent studies have shown that exercise may be even more important. Weight Bearing exercises including running, jumping, dancing and other activities that cause an impact to the bone are especially important for preventing osteoporosis.

Those serious about protecting their bones shouldn’t stop at aerobics, though. Studies looking at resistance exercises, including strength training, have also shown powerful effects of exercise on bone health.

While many older adults think exercise only helps young bones, researchers have found that its bone-building benefits are available even to post-menopausal women.

Weight Bearing Exercise - How to Increase Bone Strength Naturally
Weight Bearing Exercise (How to Increase Bone Strength Naturally)

Other Methods of Stopping Bone Loss and Treating Osteoporosis

Vibration therapy seems strange but actually has been shown to be an effective method of building bones.

Originally designed for astronauts, special platforms are now sold that vibrate at certain frequencies, building up the bone health of people who stand on them. Anyone thinking of trying vibration therapy should be careful to choose a high-quality machine since cheap versions sometimes don’t offer the correct vibration levels to actually help build bone mass.

No matter what the method, protecting bones, building bone strength and preventing osteoporosis naturally is important to overall health. If bone damage has already gone too far, pharmaceutical methods of bone repair and protection may be in order.

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