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Best Holiday Stress Management and Reduction Tips

Wondering how to reduce holiday stress? Relieving stress can be a key to enjoying a more stress-free holiday season. Below, find some simple suggestions to help with holiday stress management and coping with stress.

Suggestions for Coping With and Managing Holiday and Christmas Stress

Stress management techniques include conscious breathing, conscious breathing before speaking, taking/making space for personal time, daily mediation, budgeting in advance, delegating responsibility, and smiling.

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Conscious Breathing for Stress Reduction

One of the simplest of meditation techniques, that of conscious breathing, can provide an easy and quick stress-busting method. When feeling overwhelmed or stressed in a particular situation, instead of reacting immediately, take a few seconds to focus awareness on the breath, breathing naturally but consciously. Repeat five times or more to create a space or break, and then return more calmly to the task at hand.

A Simple Way of Coping with the Stress of Difficult People

Conscious breathing provides an easy way to reduce the stress caused by interacting with difficult people that often comes at holiday time. Instead of reacting instantly to another person’s inflammatory or irritating words or actions, focus on conscious breathing for several breaths. Then, before responding, consider whether it’s more important to keep the peace and be tolerant, or to say something that may cause greater conflict.

Relieving Stress with Personal Time and Space

One of the best ways of managing stress during the holidays involves carving out some downtime from responsibilities and social/familial engagements. Consider coping with holiday stress by getting a relaxation massage, soaking in a hot tub, attending a drop-in fitness class, taking a walk in nature alone or with a loved one, reading a book, watching a movie, or meditating, as described below.

Make Time for a Stress-Busting Daily Meditation Session

Consider taking up daily meditation for a more stress-free holiday season. Morning meditation calms the mind and can create a sense of clarity and focus for the upcoming day, while evening meditation can help a person experience better sleep. A number of easy meditation methods are available that are appropriate for beginner meditation. Choose one or more and spend at least 10 minutes meditation a day to help keep stress at bay.

Morning Meditation - Holiday Stress Management
Morning Meditation (Best Holiday Stress Management and Reduction Tips)

Reduce Christmas Stress by Making a Gift Budget in Advance

Before feeling rushed or obligated to purchase Christmas gifts, create a smart personal budget for this year’s Christmas shopping to reduce stress. Then, work to dream up inexpensive Christmas gift ideas that show the recipient how well they’re known and that demonstrate true thoughtfulness rather than an impressive price tag. Decide on all of the gifts and make sure they fit in the budget before purchasing any of them.

Delegate Responsibility for Stress Reduction

Here is a helpful key to effective holiday stress management: Don’t expect or even try to do it all. Learn to ask for help when help is needed, and to request assistance in concise ways from those most appropriate to help out. Whether it’s stirring the gravy to keep it from burning, taking the dog for a walk, setting the table, or vacuuming, chances are there’s a task that everyone present is capable of helping with.

How to Reduce Stress by Smiling

The simple act of smiling relaxes muscles and can bring instant ease to even the most stressful situations. Smiling at others is infectious, too—most people have experienced the challenge of not smiling when someone keeps telling them to try not to smile. A smile can help defuse holiday stress both personally and with others.

Holiday Stress Management the Easy Way

Learn how to reduce holiday stress and enjoy stress-free holidays by learning effective ways of managing stress. Relieve stress simply by employing conscious breathing, especially when dealing with difficult people. Creating personal time and space, possibly through daily meditation, is another effective holiday stress management technique. Gift budgeting in advance, delegating responsibility, and simply smiling provide additional methods for coping with and reducing holiday stress.

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