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7 Hidden Home Spots That You’re Forgetting to Clean

Can’t remember the last time you cleaned the tops of your door frames and the top of your refrigerator? Check out the 7 most common places people forget to clean — and learn when to tidy ’em for a house that’s really spotless.

7 Hidden Home Spots That You’re Forgetting to Clean

The Top of the Refrigerator

Why: Your ‘fridge is usually close to your stove, so the dust on top of it gets mixed in with grease and it can make an awful mess, points out Jackie Harmon, co-owner of Healthy Clean, an Eco-friendly cleaning company based in Denver.

How to: Simply spray the area with a grease-removing cleaner and wipe with a paper towel.

Clean: Once a month

The Tops of Door Frames, Smoke Detectors & Wall Hangings

Why: All of these spots are easy to miss when you’re doing your Sunday dusting. And dust builds up in and around your smoke detector can lead to false alarms.

How to: Wipe with an old, soft rag

Clean: Once a month

Behind Large Appliances

Why: Dust, food and even, um, doggie doo can pile up behind the fridge and stove.

How to: Pull them out at least once a year, use caution to make sure you don’t disconnect any wires, hose or vents. Tackle with a mop and an all-purpose cleaner.

Clean: One to three times a year

Light Fixtures and Light Bulbs

Why: Light bulbs are always overlooked because they are usually on when you’re cleaning.

How to: Turn off the light and when it’s cool give it a wipe with a damp cloth. “You can even wash really messy glass bulbs in your dishwasher,” adds Leslie Reichert of the Cleaning Coach. Just be sure bulbs are dry before you turn the lights back on.

Clean: Two to four times a year

Shower Head

Why: Your shower head can accumulate minerals from your water.

How to: Fill up a small plastic bag with vinegar, then securing it to your shower head so that it’s submerged. Leave it overnight and in the morning, the buildup will be gone, says Reichert.

Clean: Twice a year

Fabric Curtains

Fabric Curtains - 7 Hidden Home Spots That You are Forgetting to Clean
Curtains (7 Hidden Home Spots That You’re Forgetting to Clean)

Why: They hold allergens like dust mites that can really bother people with dust problems.

How-to: Take them down and pop them in the dryer on low for a few minutes, says Reichert.

Clean: Every four to six months

Dryer Vents

Why: Dryer vents accumulate lint that gets past the lint trap and can cause a fire hazard. And, no, we’re not just talking about the lint trap-we’re talking about the actual vent.

How to: If your vent doesn’t lead to the outside through a wall, you’re going to have to call the pros to do this task the first time. If it does, carefully disconnect the vent in the back of the dryer and remove any lint build-up. You may be able to wipe down, or you might find it easier to tackle with a vacuum attachment, wire coat hanger, or a special tool available at hardware stores, like a Lint Lizard.

Clean: Once a year

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