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10 Foods with Shockingly Low Calories

A foolproof way to lose or manage weight is with calorie control. Yet, controlling calories doesn’t instantly limit you to unsatisfyingly tiny meal portions. Rather, there are a number of nutrient-rich foods with shockingly low calories to curb your appetite at any hour.

Why have a tiny “treat” for 100 calories when you can have a filling, delicious spread for the same or lower caloric intake? Check out these low-cal superfoods for happier, healthier weight management.

10 Foods with Shockingly Low Calories


Spear a spear of low-calorie asparagus for your next meal
Spear a spear of low-calorie asparagus for your next meal

Steamed, grilled or eaten raw, asparagus packs a nutritious punch with a low-calorie impact. It has only 100 calories per pound, so you can consume these vitamin K pumped veggies day and night without expanding your waistline.


It has only five calories per stem, so celery really is the ultimate diet food. Munch on raw celery between meals to stay full while also enjoying several nutritional benefits including loads of vitamin C and fiber.

Cottage Cheese

Cheese on a low-calorie food list? That’s right! It has about 100 calories per serving, and cottage cheese boasts nearly one-fifth as many calories as most cheeses while being packed with protein, making it the ideal daily diet supplement.

One tip: look for a low-sodium version to limit your salt intake.


Grapes have only 2 calories per grape, so you can enjoy these glossy beauties all day while keeping your weight-loss efforts intact. Eat grapes straight from the stem or freeze a handful of grapes for a sweet-tooth soothing summer treat.

Green Bell Pepper

Go green with a green bell pepper
Go green with a green bell pepper.

Inexpensive and packed with fiber and vitamin C, green bell peppers are the perfect afternoon snack or midday salad topper. Chow down on an entire green bell pepper while consuming only 30 calories.


Enjoy 25 calories in one sweet and delicious kiwi, skin and all. Packed with vitamins C, E, and K, these giant berries are just the right options to fulfill your daily fruit intake. Any way you slice them, kiwis are the perfect sweet treat without the guilt.


This fungus has just 2 calories each, and small mushrooms offer filling volume without damaging your diet. There are a wide array of mushroom varieties on the market, so these calorie savers shake up any meal with a punch of powerful antioxidants.


Take Popeye's lead by turning to low calorie spinach
Take Popeye’s lead by turning to low-calorie spinach

Popeye was no fool. He knew what he was doing when promoting spinach as his veggie of choice. There are just 20 calories in 2 cups, so load up on spinach at every meal without making a major dent in your day’s caloric intake.


Enjoy the ruby red deliciousness of fresh strawberries
Enjoy the ruby red deliciousness of fresh strawberries

Don’t starve your sweet tooth while counting calories. Turn to the cheery color and flavor of low-calorie strawberries instead. Consume an entire cup of strawberries for only 49 calories while enjoying loads of vitamin C as a side benefit.


Watercress - 10 Foods with Shockingly Low Calories
Watercress (10 Foods with Shockingly Low Calories)

Want to enjoy a salad for your next meal? How about a pound of watercress for only 53 calories? These cancer-fighting greens are stacked with vitamins A, C, and K and boast a peppery flavor. Blend watercress with other low-calorie vegetables for a delicious and guilt-free midday meal.

Don’t feel starved by your calorie counting efforts. Get smart with your weight management by eating nutrient-packed foods with fewer calories. Become an even better weight manager by following these 5 tips to eat less without feeling deprived.

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