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10 Fabulous Home Improvement Ideas that Anyone Can Do

Home improvement is a fabulous way to exercise your artistic side. What can be more rewarding than fixing a home improvement problem yourself? You improve the quality of life in your home while saving money.

An eyesore suddenly becomes a home improvement challenge. And beautiful ideas you see in magazines become your inspiration.

Here are 10 fabulous home improvement ideas that anyone can do. They are easy to follow and cheap to make, and these home improvement ideas will solve very big problems indeed.

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High & Low Ceiling Makeover

A low ceiling will cut down on your heating bill by preventing hot air from rising too high. But a low ceiling can also make a room feel dark and claustrophobic.

This is why many modern homes have high tray ceilings. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have that high tray ceiling too, without tearing off your roof or paying more in heating costs?

All you have to do is create a visual illusion. It’s a fabulous home improvement trick to mislead the eye into thinking that your ceiling is higher than it is and architecturally concave.

Anyone can do it with a piece of cardboard, a pencil and three shades of paint. Here are the easy home improvement steps for changing your flat tray ceiling into an elegant tray ceiling.

And if you have a high ceiling that dwarfs the room, making it feel big and empty, use an opposite illusion to trick the eye into thinking that the ceiling is lower than it really is.

It’s a fabulous home improvement trick that anyone can do by following these easy home improvement steps to changing a high ceiling.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Removing a popcorn ceiling is a dirty job. But there is a way to cut the dust by 90% and make removing a popcorn ceiling as easy as peeling a banana.

The traditional method of spraying water is messy and time-consuming, not to mention very dusty. But this fabulous home improvement idea solves all these problems.

Simply use paint instead of water to moisten the popcorn ceiling, and suddenly removing it becomes easy. Follow these easy home improvement steps for removing your popcorn ceilings with paint instead of water.

Ugly Old Doors Makeover

Old doors usually look like flat, rectangular planks. They work perfectly well but are ugly to look at. Replacing them is costly and difficult. You have to measure every opening in your house and determine the precise location of every hinge, handle and lock.

Get one measurement wrong, and the new door will not fit. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could keep your perfectly functional old doors and just give them a modern makeover? This fabulous home improvement idea is simple.

Create panels for your old doors, glue them, paint, and you’re done. Here are the easy home improvement steps for making old doors look modern too.

Plain Bathroom Mirror Makeover

A bathroom mirror is usually very large. If it is just a plain bathroom mirror it can make the whole bathroom look plain.

And if the mirror happens to be old, it might even have ugly rust stains along its edges. And yet, if the bathroom mirror isn’t broken, it would be a waste of money to throw it away.

So what if you could make that old bathroom mirror look like one of those gorgeous showroom mirrors that you see in home improvement magazines? This fabulous home improvement idea is so easy anyone can do it by creating an elegant frame for the old mirror.

Just follow these easy home improvement steps for turning your plain bathroom mirror into an elegant modern mirror.

Create a French Window

French windows look modern and elegant. Their panels slice the view outside into picturesque triangles as if the French window were a frame on a painting.

Old patio doors and large windows, in particular, can look so much better if they had a French window design. With this fabulous home improvement idea, you can add a frosted illusion to your glass pane to create a faux French window for the cost of a can of paint.

It’s a home improvement project anyone can do in less than one hour. Just follow these easy home improvement steps for creating your own French window.

Old Fireplace Makeover

There’s nothing like a fireplace to add elegance to a room. But if the fireplace is old or soot-covered, the whole room will look old and dingy.

There is a way to give your old fireplace a makeover. It’s a simple illusion created by color and texture, to give your old fireplace a modern, elegant feel.

This fabulous home improvement idea requires only three shades of paint and a sea-sponge. With them, you can create a faux brick pattern, for a modern surround to your old fireplace.

Then refurbish your old mantel following a few easy home improvement ideas, and your old fireplace will look stunning. Here are the easy home improvement steps for giving your old fireplace a modern look on a budget.

Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

The idea of painting your old kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them is well-known. But there are tricks to making this fabulous home improvement idea more beautiful and easy. For one, there is no need to sand your cabinets and inhale all that dust.

Instead, of prime your kitchen cabinets in preparation for painting. Second, don’t just paint your kitchen cabinets. Create an antique, country pattern on them that will look like a custom paint job commissioned from an artist.

Anyone can do it with three shades of paint and three paintbrushes. Just follow these easy home improvement steps for painting an antique pattern on your old kitchen cabinets.

And if you have ugly old kitchen cabinet hardware, consider refinishing it instead of replacing it. You could have new kitchen cabinet hardware at the cost of two cans of paint.

It’s so easy anyone can do it. Just follow these easy home improvement steps to refinishing your old kitchen cabinet hardware.

Create a Faux Window With Sunlight

A faux window is a perfect solution for dark rooms or rooms with no windows. Unlike a simple painting, the faux window will make the room feel more open.

In addition, the faux window offers you the chance to have your dream view. And you can also add fake sunlight to brighten the room and complete the illusion.

This fabulous home improvement idea is very easy and especially fun to make. Follow the guidelines for choosing the perfect view and finish for your faux window, and this home improvement project is sure to be a success.

And add window treatments in the end for a foolproof illusion. Here are the easy home improvement steps to making the perfect faux window with fake sunlight.

Fantastic Curb Appeal Makeover

Curb appeal will make your home look beautiful from the street. It will put a smile on your face when you come home and catch sight of your house, and it will give your neighbors something to smile about too.

There are 12 fabulous home improvement ideas for making your curb appeal absolutely stunning. From a rock river to cheap metal wall ornaments, window boxes to the black-eye curse, these fabulous curb appeal tricks are so easy and fun, anyone can do them.

So try all 12 fabulous curb appeal ideas, for an easy home improvement project that will add beauty and joy to your life.

And if you fall in love with the home improvement idea of having flower window boxes that bloom all year round, find out how to make them yourself.

It’s very easy, especially if you start with a plastic or wooden boxes that you can buy at home improvement stores. Don’t worry about the color of the cheap window boxes, since you can easily change it with custom finish paints.

Just follow these easy home improvement steps to creating fabulous flower window boxes that bloom all the time.

Backyard Landscaping Makeover

Backyard landscaping is good for us. It gives us a chance to be outside, relaxing in our garden with friends and family. The backyard garden is not for the show.

It’s a private getaway and a fabulous home improvement opportunity. Create private seating areas, a colored hammock to match your flowers, a wheelbarrow garden and much more.

Here’s a collection of fabulous backyard landscaping ideas, with easy to follow home improvement steps that anyone can do.

Bonus, Create Modern Art Wall Decor

Modern wall decor is so beautiful but so expensive. And yet, with a little imagination you could create modern art yourself. The trick lies in texture and color, and the type of canvas you use.

There are 5 modern wall decor ideas that anyone can do, but which will look as if they came out of a fine art gallery.

  • The first is an abstract painting that plays with illusions of geometry and color.
  • The second is a wood abstract painting that weaves waves together by simply using different colors of wood stain.
  • The third is a cloth abstract artwork, which showcases a stunning fabric in a frame of rough cloth.
  • The fourth is a closeup photograph, which shows reality from a fresh perspective.
  • And the fifth is a 3-dimensional driftwood sculpture that is so easy to make, even children can help.

In fact, all five modern art projects can be fun to create together with others. Simply follow the easy home improvement steps to creating your own modern art wall decor.

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