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DIY vs. Moving Companies – Which Is Better?

It is natural to wonder if you need to scout through moving companies if you are about to relocate out of state. Because many individuals think it is easier and cheaper to do everything by themselves. Of course, it is not impossible to handle the relocation without professional help.

But when you consider the frustrations and complications bound to pop up along the way, you might start to lean towards hiring a moving company.

To get some perspective on this topic, why not make a quick comparison? If you still feel like moving by yourself after going through the following points, you probably have everything arranged.

The DIY Scenario

You have to arrange for help

One of the worst things about a DIY move is getting people to move with you. Apart from your immediate family – who are obligated to help you – you could require some friends’ aid. However, nobody likes the process of moving.

Not only does moving test you physically, but there are even some dangers involved. And what if something happens to your friend or family member during the move?

You have to hire the truck (and maybe a driver)

In addition to getting people to help you, you have to make sure there is a truck available. But how do you know you are getting the right sized truck? This is not an easy thing to estimate if you lack experience.

And what about the responsibility of driving the truck? Are you licensed and capable?

You have to do all the loading and unloading

Take a moment to think about what it means to load everything you own onto a truck. Then think about how you have to unload everything after the possibly long drive to your new home.

It is a daunting task that can take a lot of time, especially if you are not packing the truck effectively, which means you might have to re-stack everything.

You cannot hold anyone responsible if something breaks

If you break something as you carry your belongings back and forth from the truck, or if something breaks while on the truck, there is nobody you can blame but yourself.

You cannot predict when you will be finished moving

Relocating out of state can take a long time. But it takes even longer when you choose the DIY route. You see, experience makes a big difference here. And if you do not have it, you can expect to take much longer with the move.

The Moving Company Scenario

If you checkout tips for moving out of state, the most important tip would be to hire movers. If you want your move to be stress-free, go smoothly, and be everything on time, hiring movers is necessary.

They send people to help you

A moving company will always send enough people to handle the job. In other words, you do not have to worry about asking anyone any favors.

They provide the moving truck and driver

Another great thing about a moving company is that they provide the truck as well as the driver. More importantly, they will send the right-sized truck according to the information you provide.

They do all the loading and unloading

There is no question that loading furniture and boxes require a lot of physical effort. But this is what moving companies do every day, meaning their employees are ready for the hard work that lies ahead.

They can be held responsible if something breaks

If you work with a reputable moving company, they will have a policy in place to protect your belongings while they move them. In case something breaks due to the company’s negligence, they compensate you for whatever they break.

They operate quickly and effectively

Do you want to move to go on longer than it needs to? Chances are you cannot wait to get comfortable in your new home, but there is still so much to do.

Well, by hiring a moving company, you can be sure the move will be the quickest possible. This is because moving companies know what they are doing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you probably do not have a lot of experience moving. And a lack of experience usually leads to major delays, as well as belongings either breaking or disappearing on the way to your new place.

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