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Decorating Plant Ledges: Give a Room a Complete New Look

Decorating plant ledges gives a room a complete look. We explore options for maximizing the use of this area.

That Empty Space

In many modern or contemporary designed homes, plant ledges are built into walls. Typically above cabinets or along the top of divider walls, these inset areas can become ignored during the process of decorating.

Space becomes an empty hole or worse, a space filled with odds and ends that found no other place to rest. Decorating plant ledges give a completed look to any room.

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image - Indoor Plant
Indoor Plant

The obvious choice for decorating plant ledges is the use of plants. Using plants indoors has health benefits for all inside the home.

Some plants, including English Ivy, Ficus, and Spider Plants, actually clean the atmosphere around them providing better air quality in the surrounding space.

Most plant ledge options are dependent on the height of the space. Some plant ledges are designed to accommodate larger plants while others give only enough space for the smallest of greenery.

If you opt for living plants, keep in mind the full-grown height of the species before selecting.

Plants that are too large for space will appear crunched and crowd the area. Plants that are too small will appear minute and leave the space appearing bare.

When decorating ledges with actual plants, also take into consideration the amount of light and water needed. Watering the plants daily may be a difficult task depending on the location of the ledge.

Some plant ledges will not receive the amount of light needed for certain varieties. Some vining plants can overgrow quickly and require special pruning to keep them within the desired area.

Picture Gallery

Decorating ledges with pictures or paintings is an option for those who prefer not to try out their green thumbs. Using this idea, the decorator may continue a theme already in place in the room.

Family pictures look out of place in some decorating themes. In a modern genre room, traditional family pictures may look out of place. Fix this issue by using the correct frames and filling the plant ledge. Place family pictures in matching frames of the same dimension.

The frame color should match the decor already in place and the size should be large enough to fill the height of plant ledge. Use matting to fit the various size pictures and snapshots.

Place several favorite snapshots into the same frame creating a collage look. When placed on the plant ledge, the pictures become an extension of the modern design.

Along the same lines of the family portraits, paintings, prints, or other works of art are options to fill the plant ledge. Medium or small art pieces, matching the theme of the room, turn the area from a blank space to an area of conversation for guests.

Favorite Things

When decorating plant ledges, consider that the area is out of reach of the average person. Turn this special factor into an advantage by using it for fragile or favorite items.

image - Heirloom statue
Heirloom statue

Family heirlooms, such as vases, china, or other fragile pieces may be displayed on plant ledges without the worry of getting broken by casual observers.

Priceless sculptures or grandma’s tea kettle will sit safely out of reach. The items are then available for conversation without intrusive actions such as dirty little hands or spilling liquids.

Before placing the items on the plant ledge, consider the exposure to the elements they will receive. Dust collects in all homes and light may be a factor. Do not place items sensitive to light or pieces that can not be dusted on the ledge.

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