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Decorate Your Bay Windows with Curtains and Curtain Poles

A beautiful home is incomplete without its share of windows. If you are lucky to have a home that boasts of this remnant of Victorian architecture, time to make most of it.

A window could be your escape to the world outside and also serve as access to your world, inside. The three-piece bay window makes your home look roomy and spacious. Curtains can add charm and appeal to a bay window.

Curtains for Bay Windows

So, how do you choose the right curtains for bay windows? Piecing curtains together is not a good idea. Rather, think of your bay window as one unit. Valances can serve a dual purpose – they help screen excess light and add that extra touch. They also help conceal the curtain rods that are not of the decorative type. Think of using blinds for maximum benefit. You could also combine valances and blinds.

Go traditional and choose Roman-style shades to give your windows a charming look. You could also opt for café curtains for bay windows that are well spaced or have little space between them. With these, you can have enough light in the room and save on power as well. What’s more, café curtains ensure that you have privacy too.

With space aplenty, think of installing a stationary panel between the windows. Dust off those old photo frames and hang them on the panel. Dress up those windows and let the neighbors go green – with envy.

Decorate Your Bay Windows with Curtains and Curtain Poles
Decorate Your Bay Windows with Curtains and Curtain Poles

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Curtain Poles: Size Does Matter

No point in being close-fisted when shopping for curtain poles. Choosing the right bay window curtain pole could either make or break the look of your window. Invest in rods that stretch across rather than those that are too abrupt. With curtain rods, size does matter. Rods come in three sizes – 120 cm, 150 cm, and 180 cm.

For bay windows, pick flexible corners to fit nicely to the wall with passing brackets. Placing a curtain ring is key to making curtains look neat, so use one for every 10 cm of the pole. Bendy rods can turn in different angles and allow you to pull the drapes to get some solitude.

Dump plastic to show you care and decide on stainless steel or metal instead. There will be plenty to choose from. However, do not get overwhelmed by the plethora – invest in one that blends well with your current home décor.

So, instead of going purely functional, you could think of getting decorative rods that need not be concealed behind valances. You do not want the curtain rod to look out of place and stick out like a sore thumb in a tasteful décor.

Choose Wood: Refine Your Taste

Time to let the sun in and bask in its warmth. A good-looking wooden rod will let you do just that. No more hiding behind drapes and curtains, it is show time! If classic is your style, nothing works better than a wooden curtain pole that looks natural and adds an old-world charm to your den. For that cozy look and warm feel, you could choose wooden rods in maple, pine, or oak.

Instead of being a fashion slave, opt for something that merges with the overall theme of the room. Wood has a warm appeal, so you could choose drapes that complement and enhance this look. A classic wooden varnish will harmonize with the wooden antiques you have been waiting to flaunt.

Straying is never a good idea, more so, when it comes to choosing the right shade of wood. So, while zeroing on the wood color, keep in mind that it matches with the centerpiece of that room for that wow factor.

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