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5 Best Places to Retire in South Carolina

Working Americans all look forward to retiring one day. Retirement means you can catch up with any interests and hobbies that you set aside to raise children or build your career.

However, finding the right place to spend your golden years can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

Below, is a list of the best places to retire in South Carolina that promise to help you enjoy your retired life to the fullest.

1. Myrtle Beach

When you think about retirement, the thing that often comes to mind is relaxation and that’s precisely what Myrtle Beach offers thanks to its scenic views and beautiful white sandy beaches.

The cost of living is much lower than living in sub-tropical places like California.

The area offers residents a low-pressure lifestyle at an affordable level. For instance, the Brighton Tower condos for sale in Myrtle Beach are very budget-friendly. They are so close to the beach that you would practically be waking up to the ocean breeze.

2. Charleston

Charleston has a population of nearly 800,000 people with a median age of 39 making it one of the best places to live in for people of all ages, including retirees.

Apart from its multi-generational population, the city’s allure is enhanced by its historic city market, iconic architecture, and thriving economy with the median house income going well over $60,000.

Furthermore, over 85% of the population in Charleston has health coverage

These factors combined make it the ideal choice for retirees looking to spend their golden years in peace and tranquillity.

3. Five Forks

With a small population of not more than 17,000 people, Five Forks is a calm place with a stable economy. It’s a convenient location for people who’ve lived the better part of their working lives in big, crowded cities.

Over 95% of the population of Five Forks, SC has health coverage with the patient to clinician ratio standing at an amazing 957 to 1.

4. Lexington

Lexington is one of the most family-friendly places you’ll find within South Carolina. Just like Five Forks, the area is not densely populated. But what is most appealing about the town is its close proximity to lakes, hills, and nature trails.

The cost of living is fairer than most places within the state with the average house property value standing at $160,000.

For retirees looking to take a step away from their careers and making a step into the outdoors, then Lexington should be right up your alley, or valley in this case.

5. Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks is a suburb but can well be confused for a growing township. Neighboring Lake Murray, Seven Oaks is an iconic region in Columbia, South Carolina’s state capital.

Despite this, it is probably the cheapest area to live among all the places listed above. The median property value of the area is a little over $135,000 and a poverty rate of under 7%.

Recent interest in the suburb from Millenials has made the area a lot more family-friendly and convenient for operating a small business.

Retirement Means Starting a New Adventure

Planning for retirement means having to choose a place where you’re going to be comfortable as per what you’re looking for.

Most people retire and get into business while other people retire and choose to spend their well-deserved break from work with their families full-time.

Whatever the location you choose to retire in South Carolina, make sure that its a place that will only add to your peace and happiness thereafter.

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