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The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

If there is anything that can make your sitting more satisfying and comfortable for long working hours is a comfortable office chair.

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for long hours can cause you back pain. A good office chair with ergonomic support makes your job easy and convenient. However, most of the chairs that provide good quality support are expansive and cost around $500 to $800.

After in-depth research, I have made a list of the best ergonomic office chair under 200 you can find on the internet. It’s not true that you can only find a good brand chair if you have a reasonable budget.

You can find the best ergonomic chair for your office and home from the below list of chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chair Features

Ergonomic home/office chairs have many features depending upon the brand and the price. Here we will discuss some important features you can find in a good quality chair.

Height Adjustment Features

The economic height of a chair allows you to place your feet flat on the ground; that’s why choosing a chair with adjustable height features is essential for everyone.

Backrest Support

A great ergonomic chair also offers an adjustable backrest that allows a great tailored positioning to the user. So they can adjust their backrest support as per their spine position.

Armrest Support

To relax the upper body and reduce tension from the shoulder armrest play an essential role in an ergonomic chair. However, armrest should not be used when typing as this lower your arm movement and cause pain on the forearm muscle.

Wheel of a Chair

If you are working in a place where the ground surface is hard, go for a soft rubber wheel. It will help you to move to your place and navigate better.


It can help you to reduce tension from the upper body and relax your neck and shoulder.

The material of the Chair

A good quality chair is made up of comfortable materials. It can help you to not sweating while sitting on a chair for long hours. However, material quality depends on the budget you spend on the chair.

Good ergonomic brand chair use leather or velvet.

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs [Infographic]

image - The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs [Infographic]

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