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Bathroom Decor Ideas That Won’t Cost a Lot of Money

These rejuvenating bathroom decor ideas can be incorporated into any budget and most can be completed in one weekend or less!

Bathroom decor is important since it can set the tone for the rest of the day. Being greeted each morning by a dark, dingy and outdated water closet or a bright, fresh and updated bathroom can make a huge difference in anyone’s day outlook.

Bathroom Decor Ideas That Won’t Cost a Lot of Money

If you find yourself feeling tired and depressed each morning, the cure may be as simple as updating your bathroom’s decor. Here are some money saving ideas to bring new bathroom sparkle to those “necessary rooms” in every home.

Start With a Fresh Look

The first step to successful bathroom decor is to try to see the room with an eye toward determining specifics about the room’s design strengths and weaknesses. Spend a few minutes with paper and pencil in hand and evaluate:

  • Wall Color
  • Floor Condition
  • Fixtures
  • Tile
  • Textures


Spectacular changes can be made to a bathroom’s decor simply by introducing a fresh pallet of paint colors. Be sure to choose a color pallet that works with the existing light in the room. Shy away from darker colors when light and space are limited. On the other hand in a room that is generously sized and well lit, experiment with brighter bolder colors.

Remember to incorporate that fifth wall (the ceiling) into the paint scheme as well to add extra visual and emotional stimulation. Other features to consider painting:

Wall Tile:

There are several techniques available to update that tile with paint rather than going through the laborious work of removing and replacing.

Vinyl Floor:

An amazing new look can be created just by painting the bathroom floor. Floor paint comes in as many shades and colors as wall paint and is just as easy to apply.

Medicine Cabinet:

Paint or wallpaper the inside of that well used medicine cabinet to compliment the rest of the room’s design scheme.

Bathroom Vanity:

Painting and adding new door and drawer pulls to an old bathroom vanity is always a wonderful way to spruce up a tired old bathroom necessity.


Nothing dates a bathroom more than the faucets and fixtures. A wide assortment of lighting fixtures and bathroom hardware is available at price points anyone can afford. If any level of spending is out of the question, be sure to perk things up by replacing all the dead light bulbs and polishing the existing faucets and knobs.

How long has that toilet seat been in place? Discolored, stained or generally worn looking seats are not only unsightly but unnecessary since they are so affordable to replace.

It is not always necessary to replace the shower curtain and towels but it always adds a nice unifying touch to any bathroom design decor.


Look around the home for items that could be repurposed in the bathroom. Retrieve that forgotten picture from the attic you once enjoyed in the bedroom and see if it can become a new bathroom decor accent.

How about that old red wagon in the garage; could it become a towel holder or vertical shelf unit? A designers version of “familiarity breeds contempt” is “design decor accents that stay in one place too long become invisible“.

Bathroom Decor Ideas That Won't Cost a Lot of Money
Bathroom Decor Ideas That Won’t Cost a Lot of Money

Change Things Up

Create new purpose in old things; by removing the picture that has been hanging in the bathroom for several years and replacing it with one from another room can re-spark its original decor value. Use those colors contained within to identify the new pallet of colors for the walls.

If space will allow, why not bring in a lamp, collectibles, Christmas string lighting, or decorative baskets to create a bathroom decor surprise.

Now that work of repainting, replacing and repurposing has been done the final finish should include a fresh arrangement of flowers.

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