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8 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Christmas on the Environment

Cometh Yuletide and cometh the season of extravagance. So, here’s another opportunity to do our Earth a favor by giving a thought to the environment. Put some innovation behind your thought and have a green Christmas instead of a white one.

8 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Christmas on the Environment

Here are some areas where we all can contribute to spreading some environmental cheer.

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Christmas Trees

If eliminating the tree sounds like sacrilege, then go for potted trees that can be replanted post-Christmas. Some companies even rent out potted trees. Faux trees shouldn’t be encouraged because they are plastic based and who knows just might have been made in China. If you do go for the real article, ensure that they are either replanted or taken to the chipper (If they are without roots) for proper recycling.


It is the most environmentally damaging ‘product’ that comes out from the festive season. Just think about the manufacturing waste that goes into a card right from the pulp to the delivery. Thankfully, e-cards have come into our mind space now. You can also give’s video cards a try. Or for that really personal touch why not pick up the phone and dial.

How to Reduce the Impact of Christmas on the Environment
Reduce the Impact of Christmas on the Environment


Baubles and tinsels look beautiful but the landfills they go on to occupy don’t. Go for homemade decorations which can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Dust off last year’s decorations. You can even be inventive and make your own edible decorations out of sugar or gingerbread. Chocolate could be even more scrumptious.


Green options abound. LED lights are energy savers. For the old world, Christmas feel you can even opt for candles but keep inflammable substances away from the flames.


Be environmentally wise. Intangible gifts like movie tickets or a hair salon voucher could be wonderful ‘out-of-the-box’ presents. How about gifting your family a tour vacation? E-gifts like downloadable songs or movies make wonderful gifts too.


The preferred way would be to eliminate gift wraps altogether but if you really want to then… get your child heart out. Bring out last year’s wrappings or use material that is lying around the house. Decorate it with crayons or paint. Mix-match bits of paper and make collage wrappers for a gift to someone you love.


Rid yourself of the plastic bags… bring your own. Shop for locally made items and shop in a group if possible. Try to avoid products which come layered in a lot of packaging.


Get the celebration into a community. Celebrate together. Avoid Styrofoam plates and cups. Paper napkins should also be dropped in favor of the cloth ones. Share dishes with friends and family. Minimize food waste through proper planning.

Agreed, changing some of our established Christmas habits could be disconcerting… but then we would be just a bit more in concord with the environment.

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